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As COVID-19 impacted operations for many businesses across the world, a work from home environment has quickly become a new normal for many employees. In WFH scenarios, company and client data is exchanged between desktop devices and servers that reside in corporate facilities or the cloud. How that data is managed in transit and at employee homes will have a profound impact on how secure it remains. You can read about our best practice guidelines for keeping company and customer data protected in WFH environments here.

Why is it important to know how your company data is managed more than ever currently? Because vulnerabilities increase in work from home environments.

What this means for your organization is that vulnerability management is more important than ever. Many organizations consider vulnerability management a challenge in “normal” business operations. Things just got more challenging.

If vulnerabilities remain unpatched, data breaches are likely to happen. It’s important for your business to start prioritizing and understanding the vulnerabilities that are impacting your business.

Read more about this topic in this article from Tech Nected.

We’re Here to Help

Security Vitals has broad experience of supporting enterprises large and small. Leveraging risk evaluation tools and process, we reveal the areas of greatest risk and help organizations effectively apply resources to mitigate it.

Ongoing network vulnerability scans provide critical insights for any security program. Scanning technologies do a great job collecting vulnerability data…but the sheer volume of findings they generate creates a whole different challenge. Time is a precious resource, so knowing what to fix now is critical; our risk-based dashboard eliminates false positives and prioritizes workload.

For organizations that need ongoing assistance, we also offer managed security programs that provide monthly support to address the unique risk and compliance (PCI, HIPAA, NIST, GLBA, etc.) needs of our customers.

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