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Keeping up with compliance requirements can put a real strain on an organization. Our Compliance as a Service offering addresses ongoing process and technical requirements with a monthly service program.


Evaluating your infrastructure and applications on a recurring basis identifies security gaps that could lead to a data breach. Our testing services expose weaknesses and provide details on how to effectively mitigate them.


Knowing what needs to be done and having the resources to deliver can be a difficult balance. Our oversight services provide ongoing knowledge and expertise to support your security program.


Sometimes the demand simply outstrips available resources. When you have security initiatives that need specialized expertise, our consulting services support a wide variety of project needs on a fixed-price basis.

CISOs want to know

How Do You...

  • ...translate risk into executive speak?
  • ...interpret all of the data from your security systems?
  • ...define priorities?
  • ...know if your security investments are reducing risk?
  • ...demonstrate continuous improvement?

Let Security Vitals do the heavy lifting. Our solutions will deliver measurable results for your security program.

Many organizations are

Worried About Ransomware

Where are the security gaps in your environment?

  • Manufacturing computers with unsupported operating systems
  • Point-of-Sale (Credit Card) Devices
  • Desktops, laptops, and servers
  • Networked medical devices

The traditional antivirus “blocking” approach just isn’t working. But we have a solution for you.