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Healthcare Security Program

One of the biggest threats to your computers and medical devices is malware, which can disrupt systems as well as encrypt and export vital patient data. Let us show you how to prevent this hazard.

Enterprise Risk Dashboard

Our dashboard puts a face on risk and makes it actionable. Data from your security tools and governance process is quantified and displayed in a meaningful, easy-to-use way.


NIST800-171 requires organizations that manage Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) to implement predefined processes and technical controls to protect it. Our monthly program helps you maintain compliance and keep your government contracts.

CISOs want to know

How Do You...

  • ...translate risk into executive speak?
  • ...interpret all of the data from your security systems?
  • ...define priorities?
  • ...know if your security investments are reducing risk?
  • ...demonstrate continuous improvement?

Let Security Vitals do the heavy lifting for you.  Our dashboard translates security data into meaningful risk scores.

Many healthcare providers are

Worried About Ransomware

Where are the security gaps in your environment?

  • Computers with unsupported operating systems
  • Medical Devices
  • Point-of-Sale (Credit Card) Devices
  • Critical desktops, laptops, and servers

The value of patient records makes healthcare providers a prime target for cyber crime. The traditional antivirus “blocking” approach just isn’t working. But we have a solution for you.