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As COVID-19 impacted operations for many businesses across the world, a work from home environment has quickly become a new normal for many employees. In WFH scenarios, company and client data is exchanged between desktop devices and servers that reside in corporate facilities or the cloud. How that data is managed in transit and at...
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Prepare your Staff Let’s face it…there are no easy breaks in business.  And the malicious players are happy to exploit your employees at every turn.  The onslaught of emails and phone calls specifically designed to deceitfully extract money from your firm will not stop.  The most important thing you can do is prepare your staff.  ...
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Malware and Malicious Hackers are critical threats that require different, but often complimentary, means of defense. To effectively defend against these two types of attacks one must first understand what they are and why they exist.  It will become clear that despite the relative simplicity of defending against malicious hackers, they pose the most current...
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