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In the world of Cyber Security, it’s important to know which products are beneficial or not. Recently, we created a team of experts to test and review the latest Cyber Security products based off a breakdown of their features, documentation, value for money, performance, support, ease of use, and overall rating out of five stars.

Our team tested and analyzed six of the latest cybersecurity products in May. The products include the Firebox M470 with Total Security Suite, Splunk Enterprise Security, XG Firewall, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, FortiGate 501E, EventTracker 9.0, CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server, and AlienVault USM Anywhere.

What does our team think?

The Firebox M470 with Total Security Suite rated high amongst our panel of experts. Our team gave it a 4.75/5 and agreed that it is a game changer for multi-site locations as well as a huge benefit to MSSPs. This product should be highly considered if you’re in the market for your first midsized UTM.

Our team agreed that the Splunk Enterprise Security product is a versatile tool that provides a great addition to the Splunk ecosystem. Even though Splunk isn’t normally the first thing that pops into mind when thinking about security tools, it is worth considering implementing. After carefully testing and reviewing, our team gave it an honest rate of 4.5/5.

The XG Firewall, a product of the Sophos brand, received a 4.75/5 from our team. We came to the conclusion that overall it is a great product for the price, but it doesn’t have the ability to customize the control center. If you are someone who runs other Sophos software, we think this product is a must have.

The strengths and weaknesses of the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager made our team conclude that this product receives a 4.5/5 overall. It includes a lot of features and compliments other McAfee products well, however the interface struggles to respond to large amounts of data.

The next product is one that our team agrees is well polished and easy to use. The LogRhythm Platform scored high amongst our expert team and received a 4.75/5. The newest version should be highly considered for your SOC.

Our team gave the FortiGate 501E a perfect score. It is fairly priced, shines above its competition, and doesn’t have any weaknesses found. We found this product very impressive.

The EventTracker 9.0 required a lot of pre-work but was worth the wait. This product scored an honest 4.75/5 and should be added on to improve your security posture. It can help information gathering and shorten incident response times, which made it rate so highly by our experts.

Our team gave the next product, the CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server, a rating of 4.75/5 based off of its easy setup out of the gate and full-feature solution. The only weaknesses found involve the color scheme being slightly distracting. Overall, this solution is found to compliment any security team of all sizes.

The final product reviewed in May is the AlienVault USM Anywhere. Our team found that this product provides excellent correlation of events and is a great UTM solution for businesses small and large. After testing and analyzing, our team gave it a 4.75/5.

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