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In the world of Cyber Security, it’s important to know which products are beneficial or not. Recently, we created a team of experts to test and review the latest Cyber Security products based off a breakdown of their features, documentation, value for money, performance, support, ease of use, and overall rating out of five stars.

Our team tested and analyzed six of the latest Cyber Security products in June. The products include the Tripware IP360, Vulnerability Management, Skybox Security Suite, SAINT Security Suite, Rapid7 InsightVM, and BeyondTrust Retina CS Enterprise.

What does our team think?

Our first product for June is the Tripware IP360 that scored a 4.75/5 from our panel of experts. Our team thinks that this product has great scalability and support options. Even though the interface is slightly outdated, it is still a great, reasonably priced product.

The next product, the Vulnerability Management, is a complete vulnerability management solution that scored a 4.75/5 by our team. Our team feels it is easy to arrange and starts scanning quickly. However, during testing our team found issues with the remote scanner implementation. Overall, we feel this product delivers.

Our team gave the Skybox Security Suite a 4.5/5 based off of its strengths, the fact that it is a complete suite of tools for your organization, and its weaknesses, one being that its license files were found to be very sensitive.

The SAINT Security Suite scored a perfect 5/5. After testing, our team didn’t find any weaknesses and agreed that this solution is a great product for any organization and consultants too. The Skybox Security Suite is our Recommended Product for the month of June.

Our team of experts gave the Rapid7: InsightVM an honest 4.75/5. Its strengths include it being a complete tool from a respectable player. Our team found the start up was not as simple as expected. However, this product is this month’s “Best Buy”.

Our final product for June is the BeyondTrust: Retina CS Enterprise, scoring a solid 4.75/5. Our team agrees that this product is worth testing out based off of its wide range of template reports that are useful for any IT team that’s trying to reach compliance. This product doesn’t have any weaknesses found by our team’s tests and scales well with any size environment.

Head over to SC Media to check out our team’s full product reviews for the month of June.

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