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Technology Companies Catalyze Pontiac’s Comeback

Security Vitals’ Move to Pontiac Brings a Boost to the City

Pontiac, MI – Tech companies are betting on Pontiac as the next hot spot in Metro Detroit to support the ever-growing tech landscape. Pontiac real estate is taking off as these high-tech companies are creating traffic, boosting the economy, and bringing attention to the city.

The influx of these companies and many others has created an attractive business climate in Pontiac with an enormous impact on the outlook for the community.

Security Vitals, a cyber security technology company, is on the cutting edge of this group of entrepreneurs, and is taking a lead role in setting the vision for the success of the new Pontiac. Since 2016, they have been a tenant of a downtown Pontiac building and consider themselves part of the community fabric that is ripe with energy.

“Security Vitals is dedicated to moving technological companies in a direction that supports the economy. The technological upswing in Pontiac is a great opportunity for us to provide affordable and effective solutions to our consumers,” said Rob Cote, President of Security Vitals.

Dan Izydorek, President of PC Miracles, a company focused on affordable IT services, purchased the building they operate out of in April of this year for a variety of eye-catching reasons.

“We were seeking a building with unique architecture in a downtown environment. When I found this industrial looking building in Pontiac, I knew it was a great fit for our company and buildings alike would attract young people to come to the city,” said Izydorek.

Since the move into Pontiac, both tech owners have noticed an expanding social culture for the city with three new restaurants and microbreweries in the past six months.

As some large businesses have decided to turn its backs on Pontiac, these technology companies see potential in re-developing the city.

“Pontiac is at a milestone in its resurgence as a vital urban community on the Michigan landscape.  The growth and diversification of our economy has been stimulated by a stable inventory of anchor and small businesses as well as the influx of new corporate business,” said Deidre Watermen, Mayor of Pontiac.

With upcoming business growth and efforts to increase clientele, Security Vitals aims to expand not only their company’s profitability, but the city of Pontiac’s as well. The company’s outreach to client prospects across the Midwest is sure to bring the spotlight on Pontiac and its comeback.

Both companies are looking forward to seeing the city flourish with more growth and continued focus on technology companies.