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Security Vitals Featured on IT in the D Podcast

You don’t have to be a large company to be a (cyber) target; you can be a small to medium-sized company. “On average, it takes 244 days before a company realizes they were breeched,” says Rob Cote, President of Security Vitals. We often hear from executives who state that they have never been breached…to which I will reply how would you know?  A breach could have occurred months ago and is yet to be discovered.  

There are thousands of reports that are run for technology security within companies on a daily basis. If you are not able to take the data from those reports and put it into something that is useful, what is the point? That’s where Security Vitals can help.

Look at a typical vulnerability scan of 1,000 assets that results in an average of 50 vulnerabilities each. That single scan generates 50,000 data points. The sheer volume of data and the complexity of determining what is most important is one of the biggest challenges faced in the world of security. However, Security Vitals uses a process that builds on KPIs that are rolled up into categories and risk scores for that category, similar to your credit score, the higher the better. This approach translates cumbersome and voluminous data points into accessible, easy-to-use data for executives. 


President Rob Cote was recently featured on the IT in the D. Check out the podcast to hear more about Security Vitals’ vulnerability management, compliance as a service, and virtual CISO.

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