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Security Testing

Identify security gaps for infrastructure and applications

Are you worried about losing critical business data?

Security Vitals offers two critical security testing solutions to ensure the safety of your critical business data. And our options are unique to your organization’s particular needs to ensure you’re provided with a comprehensive solution.

Network Testing

Identify Failures & Address Them

On a periodic basis, organizations need to validate the security of technology infrastructure. Security testing identifies failure points and provides mitigation recommendations to address them. Security Vitals offers testing options that are tailored to the individual needs of clients.

Validate the Security

of Your Technology Infrastructure


It’s not just about testing external network security. Statistically, most data breaches occur on internal network assets. Security Vitals offer several options for testing both internal and external network components. Our results-driven approach identifies critical gaps; more importantly, it provides specific guidance on how to effectively address them.

Infrastructure Configuration Review

Surprisingly, some of the most common infrastructure security flaws are simple errors and omissions. Simply stated these types of security gaps are typically the result of an oversight or misconfiguration. A third-party review provides insights that will help identify these gaps and avoid potential exploits. Security Vitals leverages our in-depth background managing and operating large infrastructures to review your infrastructure and provide specific feedback on improving the security posture.

Application Testing

Tailored to Your Needs

Organizations large and small need to validate application security on a recurring basis. Security testing identifies application flaws and provides detailed recommendations for addressing them. Security Vitals offers application testing options that are tailored to the individual needs of clients.

We Can Help

with Your Application Testing Needs

Web Application

Improved security on network assets has made web applications the target of choice for malicious players. Understanding how applications can be effectively exploited helps organizations proactively address weaknesses. Security Vitals offers dynamic application testing that evaluates application behavior and identifies weaknesses where exploits can expose valuable data.

Application Code Review

Do your application developers know how to create secure code?  Since most are focused on functionality and on-time delivery, security is an after-thought.   Security Vitals can evaluate application code to identify insecure coding practices.  Details uncovered during the review provide feedback to help application teams improve application security.

Why Security Testing Makes Good Business Sense

3 Benefits to Your Organization

Security Vitals offers testing options that are tailored to the individual needs of clients. Learn more by downloading our whitepaper.

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