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Building an information security program in a business can be a daunting task. It can easily become over complicated and out of control. A lot of companies starting from scratch usually do not have an expert in the security field on staff. This can also lead to an increased amount of time to put this program in place based on limited knowledge and resources. It’s important to not start with a complicated security posture as a simpler solution can be much more effective. This is all based on the resources you are working with of course.

Set up layered protection

Every business is different, with varying size, finances, and risk. It’s important to know where the organization stands as the information security plan is built or improved upon. A universal starting point is creating layered protection. This can include items such as an enterprise cloud-based anti-virus solution, creating complex passwords, and encryption on laptops and portable media.

Security automation frees up valuable time

Maintaining up-to-date patches is extremely important as the whole point of a security patch is to fix a known vulnerability. If an organization is using a manual process, this can be really time consuming, so the simplest solution is to use a tool that will automate the process.

Security awareness training is a must

Security Vitals blog “Understanding the Value of Awareness and Ongoing Training” mentions how employees are often the best defense regarding breaches within the organization. User training can go a long way in this instance and should be a basic priority with ongoing security awareness training.

Always create a complex password

Another simple solution that would reside in the security policy landscape of things is passwords, which is the simplest and basic protection against threats. The problem here is that often studies show that people make simple passwords that can be guessed or cracked rather easily. Check out this blog on best practices for creating secure “Passwords”.

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