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In the world of Cyber Security, it’s important to know which products are beneficial or not. Recently, we created a team of experts to test and review the latest Cyber Security products based off a breakdown of their features, documentation, value for money, performance, support, ease of use, and overall rating out of five stars.

Our team tested and analyzed six of the latest cybersecurity products in April. The products include the Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete, Sophos Intercept X, Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection, enSilo Endpoint Protection platform, Crowdstrike Falcon, and Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform.

What does our team think?

Our first product, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete, received a 4.5/5 rating. Its strengths include its easy-to-deploy solution, yet its performance is too resource-intensive.

Our team gave the next product, the Sophos Intercept X, a high rating of 4.75/5. This advanced security platform includes a variety of support options and is ready for any type of deployment.  Our team concluded that this product provides flexibility and will boost your endpoint protection.

After testing, the Mimecast Secure Email Gateway with Targeted Threat Protection scored a perfect score of 5/5. Our team feels that this product provides various features with high success rates for blocking malicious emails.  Our team recommends this product for any organization to protect the email threat vector.

The enSilo Endpoint Protection Platform scored a 4.75/5 rating thanks to its strong Next-Gen AV paired with Application Communication Control and Endpoint Detection and Response solutions. The only issue found involves it not being completely mobile friendly and slightly difficult to set up. Overall, the product is very complete and delivers.

Scoring slightly lower than others, the CrowdStrike Falcon was agreed to be a 4.25/5 by our team. The product’s weakness includes its high price compared to similar products. However, if your organization highly values detailed information to help identity threats, this should be considered.

The final product reviewed in May is the Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform. Our team gave it an honest 4.5/5. It delivers a modern approach with its instant-chat support feature and low resource requirements.

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