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As CMMC 1.0 was released in January, many companies and subcontractors are now realizing it’s time to play catch up.  According to a recent Pentagon report, “Only 12% of DoD contractors were confident in the cybersecurity of their vendors.”


In an attempt to keep companies in this sector, the Pentagon is working to make sure CMMC 1.0 won’t be cost prohibitive. However, NDIA members who have achieved the equivalent of a level three compliance paid up to $250,000.


Most primes and their direct suppliers will also be at level three , but every company must be in compliance. Firms without an IT staff may require outside consulting services for infrastructure and compliance services to meet their designated compliance level.


Security Vitals offers Compliance as a Service and other project-based offerings for CMMC 1.0. Learn more about how we can help your organization reach the level of compliance necessary to secure and maintain your government contracts.


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