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Complete Network Overhaul for Renkim

The Challenge

Renkim is a global leader in print and mail services.

 On a daily basis, the company generates 1.5-2 million documents and processes them for delivery with the United States Postal Service. Revenue and profit are reliant on maintaining established production and shipping quotas. An aging network infrastructure put document production and delivery at risk…a consequence that leadership was not willing to accept. Network security was also a key consideration as compliance standards for securing corporate data have a direct impact on contract awards.   

The Solution

After evaluating several industry leaders for network architecture, the Renkim team selected Fortinet equipment and partnered with Security Vitals for the implementation.

The project scope required network coverage for 80,000 square feet of mixed-use office/warehouse space at the corporate headquarters in Southgate, Michigan and included new Fortinet firewalls, switches, and access points. Fortinet met key technical requirements for security and compliance, which addressed business standards as well as customer mandates.

From an implementation standpoint, network uptime was a key project parameter. Security Vitals worked with the Renkim team to plan the complete network infrastructure replacement during a two-day weekend. Work was carefully staged to pre-configure Fortinet network components before arriving on-site to remove old equipment and replace it with the new hardware .

The Benefit

The project resulted in no production downtime.

After working long days over the weekend, the Security Vitals team was able to refresh the entire network, test it for correct connectivity, and transition it to the operations team at Renkim. Paul Deakin, Vice President of Infrastructure and Compliance summed up the performance, “proper planning was complimented by great execution and the Security Vitals team pulled through for us.  We experienced zero impact to production and the transition to the new network was seamless.” 

The Fortinet platform offered additional benefits my simplifying management and improving visibility across the network enterprise.