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Tom Weil

Security Consultant


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Tom has a diverse background that includes IT infrastructure configuration, application coding, and IT operations. With over 15 years of IT experience, he has extensive experience with network architecture, firewall/switch configuration, Windows administration, Group Policy Management, and PCI assessments.

Since joining Security Vitals, Tom has developed a broad knowledge of risk frameworks by conducting ongoing risk assessments.   He also oversees client deployments and ongoing operations for the TARA vulnerability management platform, configures/deploys Fortinet Firewalls, and conducts automated network penetration testing.  As someone who always looks for new efficiencies, Tom has developed several script-based utilities to automate delivery processes.  In one example, he created a program that mapped recommendations to risk assessment findings, ultimately reducing documentation efforts by 60% on assessment deliverables

Not surprisingly, but Tom’s problem-solving skills extend into his spare time.  For most of his life, Tom has taught himself how to build and restore automobiles.