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Josh Gravlin

Account Manager


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Josh has roots in retail where he served dual roles managing employees and overseeing business operations.  This experience provided a customer-driven focus and achievement-oriented mindset that has served him well in sales.

Since joining Security Vitals, Josh has built in-depth knowledge of cyber-security and compliance challenges.  He oversees sales and marketing activities, including oversight of client care, developing/tracking marketing emails, driving NIST 800-171/CMMC client initiatives, and driving sales inititaives that include testing, CaaS, assessments, and TARA engagements.  His process-driven mindset blends well with the defined stages for defining, reviewing, approving, and transitioning client sales to the delivery and finance teams.   

A self-described “collector,” Josh enjoys hunting and buying various collectible items ranging from vintage video games to modern-day pop culture figurines.