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Look at what our customers have to say about working with Security Vitals.

The cost of a security breach is something we can’t accurately calculate, but we know the monthly cost of Security Vitals is a fraction of the price we would incur if there were a breach. And we sleep well at night knowing they have our backs.

Tony Sciacca
North American Controls

Our engagement with Security Vitals brings enterprise-level knowledge and expertise to our company without the accompanying costs.

Zach DiFonzo
Sr. System Administrator
Allied Wire and Cable

Insourcing a Cyber Security compliance team is 3x the cost of hiring Security Vitals. By outsourcing to Security Vitals, we got the depth of knowledge and a high level of attention at 1/3 the costs.

Falina Bennett-Moore
Senior Accountant/IT Manager

UBX Cloud is a technology services company and we have dealt with our share of product deployments. When the Security Vitals team implemented TARA, it was the most seamless platform deployment we have ever experienced, and it reduced our monthly mitigation efforts by 40%.

Steven Panovski
UBX Cloud

Security Vitals provided an outstanding on boarding process. They worked to be sure they understood our security objectives, that they properly enumerated our security assets, and that we worked out a security engagement that could be quickly and accurately executed. We were very pleased with the value our engagement provided.

Joe Vandervest
Campbell Marketing and Communications

As CEO, compliance and cyber security best practices are a top priority. Security Vitals makes us aware of potential threats and gives us the recommendations and supportive talent we need to resolve them.

Carleen Grey
Groupe Stahl

When searching for a Cyber Security solution, we wanted a partner to improve our company’s IT posture. Security Vitals has raised our team’s confidence in our abilities and augmented our internal talent. We are stronger and more agile with them as our partner.

Mike Karr
Vice President of IT
Groupe Stahl

Security Vitals has an excellent understanding of the NIST controls and provided us with in-depth, practical knowledge of risks – Dave Reck, Data Protection Information Security Officer.

Robert Bosch

Security Vitals presents their findings and recommendations in plain English, so non-IT professionals in our company can understand cyber threats and agree to our plan to address them.

Thomas Kelly
M&A Business Attorney
Wolfson Bolton