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Healthcare Security Program

A purposefully different approach to

Securing Healthcare Assets

Cyber-attacks are an ongoing challenge for healthcare providers. The diverse locations, staff, equipment, and service offerings in provider environments offer target rich opportunities for malicious software…including Ransomware. Beyond the disruption to daily operations, these types of attacks can also pose a potential threat to patient well-being, especially if they target medical equipment.

The simple reality is that the rules of engagement have changed…the old methods for protecting IT and medical equipment from cyber-attacks are largely ineffective. Security Vitals offers a purposefully different approach to securing healthcare assets.

Our Healthcare Security Program

Proactively Addresses Key Areas

Unsupported Operating Systems

Maintains HIPAA and PCI compliance by applying compensating controls to unsupported operating systems that cannot be patched.

Medical Devices

Protects medical devices with current or unsupported operating systems from being exploited my malicious code.

Point of Sale Devices

Avoids unauthorized access of credit card data as well as interruption of services from malicious code.

Health Practitioner Kiosks

Address one of the most common breach vectors by protecting multi-user workstations.

Critical IT Assets

Secures asset and defines what applications can be accessed, which protects it from malicious code attacks.

Our solution literally protects

The Lifeblood for Healthcare Providers

It’s obvious that delivering patient care services is the literal lifeblood for healthcare providers. Yet a disruption in computing services, including medical devices, can have a dramatic impact from both an operational and patient health perspectives. Our Healthcare Security Program addresses known security gaps. If you want to avoid disruptions in service delivery and apply compensating controls to strengthen HIPAA and PCI compliance, contact Security Vitals to schedule a meeting.